From Philippines to Japan.

Who are we?

Standing as one of the gears to the creation of art and assets within the Gaming Industry of Japan, Assistasia PH is a company consisting of young filipino artists who has been guided and established by two Japanese professionals that has both worked for more than 20 years in the gaming industry. Altogether, with every work produced is a mix of colorful personalities while sharing the same love and passion in the work that they do.

What do we do?

Our artists specialize in various digital assets ranging from 3D development to 2D illustrations and concept art as well as animation and video composition for- but not limited to video games.

What do we aim for?

Assistasia believes in the fostering and growth of the talents of it’s artists with a passion for the latest fads in art and gaming. With this in mind, our company aims to widen the reach of our services to various clients here in the Philippines and towards other countries as well.


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Philippine Mythical Creatures

3D Graphic Works

Inspired by the numerous myths and legends unknown to most in the Philippines,

we aimed to reproduce the native gods and spirits in order to bring better understanding to our culture

through the 3D Medium.


View the models below to enjoy the mythical realm of the Philippines.


Mermaids who uses the beauty of aquatic creatures to lure people before pulling them down to drown.


An ‘aswang’ or monster that can fly after separating itself from the lower half of its body.


The manaul is a mythical royal who became a bird. It is believed to have caused the seas and the skies to fight against each other thus creating the Philippine Islands.


Little naughty goblins who can provide good fortune or bad fate to depending on how it’s homeowner treats them.


They are enchantresses who bring blessings or curses upon those who do good or harm to the forests and mountains

Maria Makiling

She is the guardian spirit and protector of Mt. Makiling. It is said that one may not take a fruit home from Maria’s Mountain or it shall anger her, causing the traveller to get lost within the woods until they drop the fruit.

Illustration and Concept art

2D Graphic Works

A compilation of some of our best illustrations and concept designs throughout the years

made by a group of diverse individuals whose unique personalities shone through their art.

Check them out and enjoy by scrolling through the slideshow below.



Bringing Live2d and Spine animation as close to reality as possible.




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